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Who Am I? Owner & Founder of Quality over Quantity Farms  For 15 years I suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder due to childhood experiences that were uncontrollable at the time. Until Fall of 2018, I was diagnosed and given access to the Medical Marijuana Program for the State of Connecticut; Through thorough research I was able to find Cannabidiol to work in ways, doctor prescribed medication didn't. On a Day-to-Day basis I use CBD Body Oil for my healing Left Shoulder to decompress the stinging sensation and smoke CBD Flower to ease my over-thinking thought process. My favorite product we offer is our CBD Tinctures, because I can mix it with any Liquid or Solid Based items; when I don't feel like smoking. 

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What The Word Podcast! W/ Chauncey Pilgrim

Whats The World Podcast ft CEO Brayan Valencia First Podcast to End Year 2019, Had such a pleasure of talking with Host Chaunsey Pilgrim in regards to Our Company. We were able to Sit Down, Talk, & Answer any questions he might've had. Also, found the opportunity to reach out to anyone who suffered, suffers, or is going through an emotional time in their life. Being there was an experience, so much, towards the end of the interview, Our CEO rapped for a couple of minutes. Its Moments like this that allow us to purse our mission with full force. 

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The Visit at the WEPA FARM w/ Luis Vega

The Visit at the Wepa Farm was and always will be an experience, it's so interesting to know the process of hemp from seed to sale. "It was my first time being able to touch, feel, smell, and enjoy the Hemp Flower!" Mr. Vega is a Cannabis Activist, Entrepreneur, Father, and Hemp farmer; works long days and nights to fulfill his life long dream of owning his Cannabis Farm.       

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